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Ion Balance Footbath Detox - Release the Toxins


There are more sweat glands in your body. The detoxing foot spa assists you to naturally expel accumulated toxins from your body. This process is quick and easy. Once the session begins, you may see the results almost instantaneously. Gas bubbles may appear and alterations in the color of the water may soon begin. Th foot spa stimulation causes the 2000+ sweat glands in each foot to expel their contents into the water, detoxifying your body's accumulated toxins naturally an at an accelerated rate. Refreshing and relaxing.

Some companies claim that their machine can produce both positive and negative ions. The basic physics and basic chemistry of this technology can ONLY produce negative ions. When they make this claim, they are talking about switching which part of the array received negative current, and which part received positive current. The side of the array which receives negative current, pulls material from the part that receives positive current, just like the process of electroplating. They need to switch that current because they have a very small amount of metal mass, generally about one to two ounces, inside their array. Our ionizing array contains about 2 pounds of metal mass. Again, it is impossible for this technology to produce positive ions due to the electrical structure of the hydrogen and oxygen that comprise the water. Those companies make the negative/positive ion claim for two reasons: 1) to hide the fact that they have such a small amount of metal in their arrays, and 2) to turn that deficiency around to make it sound like their machines do something other machines do not, when in fact those claims are impossible given how this technology works.

Electrical current produces ions based on the raw chemical materials of whatever molecule is being electrically charged. For example, magnesium has a positive charge once it is in an ionic state. Sodium has a positive charge, while chlorine has a negative charge; combined as sodium chlorine (table salt), the charge is neutral. The ionic charge of sodium molecules CANNOT be changed by simply flipping a switch on an electrical device.

Are you interested in purchasing a Footbath of your own? Call 517-442-2986 or fill out our contact form and mention purchasing your own Footbath for more information about the benefits of having an Ionic Footbath Detox in comfort of your own home. Click buy it now to purchase your Ionic Footbath Detox Home Use Package. Note we only ship to the continental United States.

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