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Thanks for visiting Turning Point Health & Wellness, LLC!

Here at Turning Point Health & Wellness, LLC we are committed to your health and well-being by providing an alternative approach to health & wellness through the following services. We are located at 2982 W. Beecher Rd. Adrian, MI 49221 on the corner of Beecher Rd and Sandcreek Hwy connected to the BP gas station. Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)

*Biofeedback Stress Reduction Scan

*Ion Balancer Footbath Detox


*Salt Lamps

*Massage Therapy

*All Natural Products

*Health Supplements

*Swedish, Myofascial, and Neuromuscular Massage

* Pink Himalayan Sal

* CBD Products

*Cryoskin Fat Reduction

Business Hours

Mon: 10am-5pm

Tue: Closed

Wed: 10am-5pm

Thurs: Closed

Fri: 10am-5pm

Sat: 12pm-4pm

Sun Closed

If your interested in becoming a Pure Herbs LTD distributor call 517-442-2986 or email

If your interested in becoming a Nature's Sunshine independent distributor call 517-442-2986 or email 



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